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Apart from offering physical keys to tap on, using an external keyboard with your iPad brings several other advantages:. These are convenient, and perfect for the iPad which requires a dongle to plug in a USB keyboard. Just put the keyboard into pairing mode, then — when its name shows up in your Bluetooth settings — tap to pair. After this initial pairing, the iPad will connect to the keyboard whenever you switch it on, and the on-screen keyboard will be hidden. Armed with this adapter, hooking up a USB keyboard to your iPad becomes dead easy. Just plug the adapter into the iPad, and plug the keyboard into the adapter.

It will be recognized instantly, and you can start typing. This is the easiest way to get started with an external iPad keyboard. Apple and Logitech make several keyboards and keyboard cases that connect to the iPad using the Smart Connector. Power and data flow through this connector, and any connected device is immediately recognized. When you connect a keyboard, a new setting option appears. There are two important things to note about hardware keyboards on iOS.

Use your Smart Keyboard Folio or Smart Keyboard with iPad Pro

The other important point is that when you connect a hardware keyboard, a new entry appears in the Settings App , called Hardware Keyboard. However, I purchased a number keypad when we bought our MAC and it worked fine and all of a sudden has stopped working.

Its the kind that connects to the keyboard. I have changed out batteries, made sure it was turned on, etc. When I connect it to my keyboard and press the button on the end, a little green light comes on on the key board but goes off almost immediately. Try the same process as mentioned in the article. The key was holding down the power button until it was found.

It did take several minutes. I did remove the Keyboard from my list it said not connected but then the system found it right away and I was able to pair again. You saved me so much time and frustration. My backspace key just stopped to work during the night. I must say thank so so much for your cooperation with me to reach to fantastic result with my deletd wireless keybord… I restore connection with my keyboard via instruction you have gave me.

Dave — thank you for this website and your efforts! My wireless mouse stopped working three days ago. I did everything I could find on the Apple site and decided to visit the local Apple store to see what was up, thinking one of my kids probably dropped the wireless mouse and broke it.

Being Saturday and not knowing that you had to schedule an appointment, I left the store without being helped and having wasted 1. Returning home I found the wireless keyboard had stopped as well. After 3 hours of troubleshooting and online searching, I found your site. The SMC reset and your directions at the top of this page did the trick!!! Wireless mouse and keyboard are now working. Thank you a lot for this tutorial! My trackpad stopped working while my keyboard works fine. The trackpad could be found in the bluetooth settings, I clicked on connect and the I had to confirm the pairing.

Then the trackpad was connected for a split second and then the pairing confirmation showed up again. Your trick was the solution. I am in a lab, with other nearby labs. I found my situation was similar to your description. Somehow a lab computer had paired to my keyboard. I sure with Apple would build in a reset to teh keyboard.

Thanks for your help.

How to connect an external keyboard to your iPad | Cult of Mac

Sure enough, I forgot I had paired my keyboard with my iPad and when I had it turned on it refused to pair to my new mac mini. Unpaired it from iPad and it popped up in bluetooth settings and successfully paired with the mac mini. I tried changing the batteries, did not work. I tried to re-pair it and that worked fine, I could input the code and press Enter on my Apple BT keyboard and it would pair successfully but the keyboard is still not working.

When I switch it on the light blinks blink-blink pause blink-blink pause,… for about minutes and then it disappears. I purchased the keyboard from Apple about a year ago and have always been super pleased with it. It was never abused, dropped, drowned or anything like that either, just chillin on my desk days after days. Thanks for the tips! My apple keyboard and trackpad stay connected to my laptop running Yosemite just fine when they stay in the same room, but after I take my laptop home for the night and bring it back the next morning, the computer fails to connect to either device until I reset both the keyboard and trackpad i.

When you take the laptop home, they disconnect and become available for other paired devices to connect, which will prevent reconnection to the laptop when you return. Check carefully on all other nearby devices that they are not listed as paired. Hi— Thanks for the reply. Yes, I realize that them pairing with other computers is quite possible. The issue is that I work in a lab and there are tens of computers near by, some of which are used by people and some we only use to run simulations, making the checking difficult. Is there anyway to ease-drop on the device to see if it is paired?

Thanks again for the help. Thanks for the great tips! I could not find a Mac wireless keyboard to replace it, so bought a Microsoft one wireless. However, although they say it works for Mac as well as PC, the keys would not work as indicated on the keyboard. For example, when I typed Shift 8, to get a left-hand bracket, I would instead get an asterisk. The left-hand bracket was on Shift 9 which showed the right-hand bracket! Other keys were different as well, but I was forced to re-learn them to be able to type correctly. Problem is, they keystrokes still work as the Microsoft keyboard did — incorrectly.

I had to delete two keyboards from the Bluetooth list and repair. I kept the power button pressed the entire time and it worked!! So I just typed the correct numbers without getting any UI response and hit enter and voila my keyboard is connected! Yep, messed around for 20mins nothing. Tried the same process after turning it off and holding the power throughout. Brilliant — At hits a month for your article, you would think someone at Apple would adjust their own described method for connecting.

I have connected plenty of keyboards in the past no problems and not using your technique. But when I had trouble your system worked perfectly. I like the way you spend the time helping other people with only just related issues. Thanks, following your instructions to pair my wireless keyboard worked like a charm. I prefer the wireless keyboard feel over the built in Macbook Air keyboard.

All I had to do…. I just had to be reminded that Macs are designed to meet my needs as simple as possible. Thats why I have a MAC. I should have known! Thank you so much for giving us the answers to our problems. You are the hero of the day. Donna Fine Arts Instructor: Thanks for your help,. You need to set the OSX keyboard language to match what is physically laid out on the keyboard.

US English and British English are the nearly the same but some of the symbol keys are in different places. No idea which Mexico uses. Show the input source in the menu bar, and use that your toggle from one to another. I was starting to think that the Bluetooth card of the Mac Pro 1. Thank you very much! My keyboard was saved with my Macbook and could not connect with other computers, I made this reset and exactly as you described! When finished, I returned the keyboard to the wife and then the problems started. So I started researching. Found some terrible documentation on the internet, including an Apple manual for an Apple wireless keyboard older model??

Then I found this post: Deleted the keyboard from BT preferences on the Mac mini and got the keyboard working, again on the iMac. I am at my wits end. You can normally navigate on the Mac using just a keyboard, but its a little tricky. When going through System Preferences, it could not find the wireless keyboard. Your instructions worked the very first time. You saved me a ton of time trying to find the answer from Apple. After a hard reboot, for unknown reasons my Bluetooth Apple keyboard was not recognized by my iMac.

Searching for a solution, I found your post and it worked like a charm. I am grateful as it saved me a very time-consuming trip to the Apple store or the expense of a new keyboard! Thank you and happy travels. You are a life-saver, Dave! But this time, after a full hour of having no luck with any of my tried-and-true solutions including restarting, I was getting ready to take my frustration out on my 4-month-old iMac with my bare fists.

This, in turn, would have resulted in my own demise from a pummeling from my normally docile but tech-obsessed husband! Lucky for me, I was able to search for solutions on my iPad and came upon this page. Thank you so much for sharing this! You are a life-saver! Very useful information but it does not address my problem. I was getting mad with my iMac when randomly it restarts itself. Still the same, I changed the RAM memory but still the same issue. My last attempt was removing the wireless keyboard for a wired one and ever since no more restarts. In conclusion, despite the fact I never had a problem pairing the wireless keyboard with my iMac, this change seems to work for me.

I hope this helps somebody else because in my case I could not find any kernel panic message after those random restart. Hi, my problem is that my Mac requires a password and i cant type because it doest not find the keyboard. Without entering the password, i cant go to bluetooth preferences. I cant do anything actually. Your only choice is to borrow a USB keyboard so that you can login, then sort out the Apple keyboard.

This began after my Internet went down because of cable provider. I used my iPhone as a hot spot because I work from home. I have a wireless mouse that works. I have no idea. I followed your directions I read from my nearby Macbook. The keyboard paired with it! LOL But not the iMac. I just received a used keyboard from ebay. I try to pair it and it says unsuccessful. But it still shows the old computer ellies keyboard on it. Is there any way to delete or reset the keyboard? I tried the power button thing and it almost paired, but then said unsuccessful.

Try the power button trick again, its the only form of reset. You can change the keyboard name after its been paired. I had the same problem. My apple wireless keyboard suddenly stopped working. According to the Bluetooth system preferences, the keyboard was connected, paired, and discoverable. Only two keys worked: I brought it in to the genius bar in Palo Alto.

The genius tested it and found that it works well on his computer. He suggested it might be my bluetooth software. I brought it home and tried again. This time I noticed the following warning in the troubleshooting discussion http: If the mouse keys feature in the Universal Access System Preferences pane is enabled, many of the keyboard keys may not respond as expected.

It was on; I turned it off. After trying different advices around the web yours was the only solution that worked! Dave — thanks for the tip how to re pair my wireless keyboard with my ipad. Found your website through a Google search and so glad I did. Good luck with your travels and adventures. As long as I have had my bluetooth keyboard, today all of a sudden I had an issue getting it to connect. Your post, though from a few years ago did the trick. Thanks so much for helping me get back to work! Thank you for your advise! Helps a lot, and seems to be the only in deep one in the internet!

Would be the right sign. I routinely encounter this problem approx every few months when the batteries run out in my keyboard. It then refuses to re-connect with my Macbook Pro. I do this and it continually keeps automatically popping up. I am now completely frustrated and at a loss of how to fix it yet again. In later versions, if you hover the mouse over the paired device in the list, and X in a circle appears, which allows you to delete the previously paired item.

Just in case anyone else encounters it, your method to resolve this seems to be sound, but actually never works with my Macbook pro unless I first restart my computer after having replaced the keybaord batteries. Just purchased an Apple Magic Keyboard. Found one post that might indicate whats going wrong. Show the input keyboard viewer, and a keyboard that looks like an apple keyboard shows up… Great. Then I type a single key, and that keyboard viewer changes into showing a keyboard with right hand number keys — and so forth….

Thats all I have so far…. Or hold Fn to toggle it on each use. That option is already unchecked — I tried to check it, and uncheck it just to see if it would do anything — but nope…. I am currently running Beta version of El Capitan… I had a bluetooth keyboard that was typing incorrect characters on an iPad. Hi Dave, Hopefully you can answer my question. I am trying to connect pair a mac keyboard via bluetooth on a Mac OS X version I have new batteries in the keyboard!

Look forward to hearing from you today hopefully. Have you followed the instructions in the blog post about holding down the power key? Follow this carefully, it usually is the step that does the trick. Yes I did follow your blog re holding down power key before I made contact with you. Remember to remove the pairing if you do this, or it can lead to connectivity problems back on the original Mac. Worked fine for my keyboard and trackpad.

This worked when nothing else did and I was about to literally trash the keyboard as broken. Thanks for this tip. It worked for me using a first generation apple wireless keyboard and my MacBook Air running El Capitan I did all you suggested and appear to have a pairing, or so it says.. No other keyboard function is operating. It sounds ridiculous but this is my first experience with this type of keyboard, model A I am in Australia. Dave, you are a genius. Interestingly the problem occurred after restarting following a power cut. I had tried everything else. Thanks for valuable tips.

Fresh batteries output voltage close to 1. Please inform if some water dropped in the keyboard can cause malfuntion, because the keyboard light gets on and off. I found to have the same problem as 44Edward. Mouse Keys somehow got enabled and kept my character and number keys from working. Everything else was find. Also my 2nd Mac constantly wanted to connect to the keyboard, the username is the same.

So its valuable to watch both Macs. Probably just luck but worth a try. Thanks for the Help Dave! Confused by your description of resetting mouse since you used keyboard example. Do you turn off keyboard to reset mouse? If not, is the mouse turned off? If so, how do you click on bluetooth for pairing? This trick only works on the mouse if it has a momentary power switch.

Technical Details

The general advice regarding batteries and re-pairing still applies though. Actually, I think your advice does help for slide switch mouses, just hold the mouse down instead of the power button. Hi there, my kid was playing some game after which my keyboard has stopped functioning in normal way. Alaphabet and number keys are not working, shift and other function keys are working. Pressing few keys one can see the arrow on the screen sliding. I uninstalled the game. I re-paired the keyboard many times. Called apple, they suggest there might be physical damage, which i doubt since some keys are working normal.

Do you suggest re-pairing with long press? It seems you have Mouse Keys enabled, which is an Accessibility feature. See here for instructions to disabled: I got stuck this morning after upgrading to El Capitan No luck in any Apple forum. The issue seems quite frequent, and I did not realize it had been kind of common. Held the ON button down and it paired immediately. I was out of ideas. Really appreciate your sharing this fix.

Ive tried the power key hold-down — and also new batteries. There are no other bluetooth devices in range. The computer previously paired with the keyboard has been sold some time ago. In Bluetooth preferences the keyboard is quickly discovered and the pairing code appears but it only lets me enter the first three digits of the 6 digit pairing code — when I come to type the fourth digit it freezes and then eventually times outs saying could not pair.

This has happened over and over again — Im about to give up!! Thanks for your help x. This is a great article; much more useful than all the snake-oil suggestions on the Apple forums. For me, a combination of changing the batteries and the old hold-the-power-button trick did the job. Any ideas, please on how to fix this problem as you cannot log in to Windows without a keyboard? My keyboard works fine in OS but after upgrading to El Capitan a couple of days ago my keyboard will not work in bootcamped Windows 7.

I have tried a little fiddling with the Bluetooth settings but hot having any luck. Interestingly enough, in OS X Holding down the power for 3 seconds and repaired the keyboard yo mac. This just worked for me when everything had failed. For me it was the pairing of my Magic Mouse which used to work then suddenly stopped working. I had a wired mouse so have been using that and meaning to get around to trying to reconnect my Magic Mouse. I was near to go and buy a new one.

The green light on the keyboard just shines for a few seconds, then turns off by itself. Does not care if I keep the power button of the keyboard pressed for long time, still not pairing. I have the opposite problem: My macbook thinks it has a connected bluetooth mouse, and so has disabled the clickers on the track pad. It also disables the clickers on a USB mouse. How do I select the bluetooth icon without a mouse? Thanks for this, it was very helpful in a crunch time. Its a nearly timeless piece at this point. Dave, many thanks for this post.

As of today, it still really helpful and help me to fixed my wireless keyboard paring problem. The key in my case was to unpaired the keyboard with the iPad…. Thank You for this workaround!! This worked like a charm. I spent the morning trying to figure out why my devices were no longer connecting and not able to pair. Many thanks, this worked for me after I powered down my ipad, which was also paired. Hi Dave, Thanks SO much. This worked, and I was able to get my husband back in business with his iMac and its keyboard! I had tried many other support suggestions, and no one mentioned holding the power button down.

By the way, his keyboard not connecting began right after we had a one-second power failure in our house. Thanks again for clear instructions. Hello, I have a magic mouse 2 that just bought with my Macbook pro retina 13 inch with El capitan. My mouse worked fine for like a week but one day just stop working.

I assume that the battery was low and connected to the usb port of my mac and let it charge for all night but in the morning still nothing. I unpear it and wont been able to pear it since. Before I buy a usb keyboard to resolve the issue I wanted to check whether anyone has come across this: I switched off the iMac and now the keyboard does not connect.

The magic mouse connects. The keyboard has new batteries and it gets detected by my iPhone and macbook. There are no other devices in the vicinity. I tried powering on and off and the keyboard does not appear on the iMac. Any thoughts other than buying a usb keyboard? Thanks for your help! Thank you very much, i almost bought a new keyboard. Holding the keyboard power button step 4 and repairing the keyboard did the trick. Thank you very much. Holding down the power button on my Apple trackpad brought on the device with instructions to pair. So I switched off the trackpad holding button start button for more than 3 seconds.

Then I held it down once again this time throughout the pairing process…. I just wanted to say thank you. Hi Dave, It seems that most people are having good luck with the power button solution. Unfortunately it is not working for me. When I go to pair a keyboard, the passkey will pop up for about a second before I can get a good look at it and then it will go away and the menu will tell me the pairing was unsuccessful because the passkeys did not match.

I have tried all the solutions you mentioned above and nothing is working! Thanks Dave — worked a treat holding down the ON button on my battery-powered mac keboard. Holding the power button until the end of the pairing worked for me as well. Huge relief as I was messed up with the windows keyboard and all the wires on my desk. I cleaned my keyboard with a bit too much rubbing alcohol and it started acting like crazy. I thought I was doomed. Apple is amazing and thanks for the help Dave! My first attempt did not work, however after reading the additional instructions, I realized that my keyboard was pairing with another OS X device.

Thanks for your website. You, Sir, are a genius! Lol, I was one step away from flinging the keyboard. Holding the power button while pairing did the trick for me. Thanks for the perfect information that I was searching for. My bluetooth keyboard started connecting to my mac after holding the power on button for 3 seconds and within a minute of reading your advice. Something else was wrong with it, but that can be worked around in OSX preferences. This worked great for connecting my wireless keyboard to my new MacBook Air! I thought I has scoured the internet for all possible fixes.

Last week Apple Support had me reinstall the OS. This worked, thanks so very much for writing it up. Worked like a charm. Thank you so very much. Holding the on switch was the trick so thank you for the help. If the green light on your bluetooth keyboard blinks this does NOT mean your batteries are still good. I finally relented and installed fresh batteries.

The old batteries apparently had enough power to blink the light but did not have enough juice to make the full connection. I had tried everything without success before I came across your advice. I was so relieved. Thanks, this helped a lot! Thank you; you saved my sanity. Thanks for your great advice. I had tried everything after my Bluetooth just stopped working on Yosemite, and managed to get the mouse working but not the keyboard.

Yet another happy badger. Tried the switching off and reboot trick and then spent a day swearing at the computer before I came across your marvellous and simple cure. Absolutely nothing on its official sites or support at all. Like Phil G said above: It would partially connect and then disconnect.

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I have changed the batteries time and time again thinking perhaps the batteries were dud. Finally i smacked the keyboard around a few times and lo and behold, it worked!! What if one is logged out, and then the keyboard breaks which makes one unable to enter the password and log onto the computer to access the troubleshooting applications? The clearest instructions for fixing the problem of a wireless keyboard that would not connect. Apple should implement a soft keyboard option at the password login screen so you could use the mouse to click out your password!

I have been locked out of my mac mini as the Apple bluetooth keyboard and trackpad are ignored now because I was playing with new bluetooth devices in the same room. A wired USB mouse was easy to find and the Mac Mini responds to that but a wired apple keyboard is harder to get my hands on. I had a still shrink wrapped extra apple bluetooth keyboard but that has not helped even though the neon indicated pairing attempts… any ideas? I have read your bog but it does not seem to be the solution for me.. I have the new wireless keyboard with rechargeable batteries.

Just a few keys on right side of keyboard do not work. Next thing is just to return to factory setting and start over again. My 5th day with problem. OMG, I was ready to buy a new keyboard and luckily I ran across this article. Thanks for the article! Yesterday, it just stopped working. Finally had a lightbulb moment and checked the dinosaur iPad sitting on the counter and sure enough the keyboard had connected to that!

Now everything is back to normal! I have tried dozens of ideas over a few years to make this stupid, overpriced thing work again. Now I am able to use it again. Thank you so much for this helpful hint. It worked perfectly when I held down the power button throughout the procedure! None of these solutions worked for me no devices were showing up in the bluetooth preferences pane until I turned off WiFi! Then everything worked as expected. The hold down power to re-pair worked a treat. And there I was about to buy a new keyboard…. There is no power switch on the keyboard, so not sure what you are talking about.

Just a tip, you might still run into issue after holding the power button on the keyboard for a few seconds. Even though you get the blinking green light it might still pair with a different device or wahtever. To get around that you can literally KEEP holding the power button and then in the Bluetooth menu of your machine pair it, whilst still holding down the power button of the keyboard. This is the only way to prevent it from automatically pairing with devices.

Dave, the Apple bluetooth keyboard started dropping its connected. Yes, put in fresh batteries. Yes, went through the steps here. Is the keyboard just dead? My keyboard on my laptop was having issues and I then could not pair my keyboard. This was a huge help today!!!! So technically, there is a way to reset them. However, all it does that I can tell is un-pair and reset the name of anything currently connected. Thank you so much for the post we were pulling our hair out and the holding down the power is the key for sure.

Dave, after many searches for how to pair an Apple wireless keyboard for solutions which were no help at all—I found your website. Your informative discussion and easy to follow step-by-step instructions worked perfectly! More props to you Dave! Worked like a charm!!! Why is it not mentioned on any apple forum!?!? The solution is 1 to turn OFF all other pairable devices in the area or 2 , if you have a laptop, physically carry the laptop and keyboard together away from other devices.

When the Apple bluetooth keyboard can only see the desired computer available for pairing, it becomes very easy. The release of the pairing has to occur from the computer, not from the keyboard. BTW, I just did this and am now using the keyboard that would not pair previously. Thanks very much for the helpful information.

I have an iMac model with the bluetooth keyboard. It stopped working yesterday around the same time my iMac gave a message that my USB external data stick was ejected — although it was still in situ. Very weird and frustrating. In my case issue occurred after old batteried died out. Replaced with new batteries however, then it would not pair up as it usually does when changing. From this point I had a hard time figuring out how exactly to make the keyboard discoverable — so nothing was found and I could not enter login credentials to do more.

Holding the power button did not work. It was only when at the login screen — after clicking my user that I accidiently tried to tab random keys on the keyboard that discovery mode was triggered blinking green diode. From this point my Mac Mini was able to spot the keyboard and I could pair it up. Just purchased a Mac mini. Your wonderful article reminded me that the keyboard is still paired to the Mac in the next room. Boy do I feel dumb!! Holding the power button did the trick for me. Saved me from hours of frustration. Called Apple to troubleshoot.

They had me turn the computer off. Then I had to put in my password to get back into the computer when turned back on. Thank you so much Dave, I have not been able to find this information anywhere and have been going crackers since a power cut upset the bluetooth a few days ago. Holding down the power button did not work the first time, but it did the second time!

This worked, as with Tom from 18th September this didn;t work the first time but did a second time. Hi Dave, thank you for this article! This article was written a few years ago, so the reason behind me having to change the procedure slightly could be due to OS X changing over the years. Then it was connected again. I changed my batteries x on my wireless apple keyboard. My imac kept saying batteries were low. Finally I went out today to buy a fresh pair of batteries to be sure they were good. My iMac is set at the sign in page, so I cant sign in without my keyboard working.

The green light comes on the keyboard but I cant type on the screen. My mouse works fine. How can I re-pair the keyboard to my iMac? You have saved me so much time and angst. I had not been able to find the correct answer to this problem until I saw this article. This solved my problem and it paired up nicely and every so easily with your instructions. Ive got you bookmarked now! After a brief power outage, I started up my iMac and got a message that it could not find a bluetooth keyboard.

The message never goes a way, which means nothing can be accessed on the computer. With no hope of success, I turned off the keyboard then held down the power button. In less than 5 seconds, it connected. Thank you for this help page I actually clicked on a link to finally solved keyboard error. Its nice to find simple helpful people are still out there. The Bluetooth Setup Assistant window has popped up telling me that my keyboard is not connected.

I have changed the batteries so I know that is not the problem. Now my keyboard is working fine! Hey this worked great! I am using a MacBook pro OS The Bluetooth app can see the keyboard with its name, but when connecting to it and trying to enter the code on the laptop there is no response from the keyboard. Then I went and option shifted and rest the bluetooth module, then used the trick. Repeated entire process after rebooting. At least it is not a matter of the bluetooth module.

After several years working fine I suddenly had the problem that my magic keyboard would not connect. When I see how many people have had this problem and how long it has been going on and yet Apple seem to have done NOTHING to address it, it make me wonder whether this is deliberate. I wonder how many people have gone and bought a new keyboard unnecessarily! This worked immediately for me. Sincerest thanks for taking the time to create this write-up and transfer knowledge.

Thanks I nappreciate ver would have thought of looking at other devices in the area and I already spent ages changing batteries and doing the same thing over and over. What a relief thanks so much I appreciate it! This worked great to set up my keyboard to my new MacBook Pro. Am using a model wireless keyboard. Holding the power button the entire time was the trick. Not sure what year keyboard — its pre-numeric keypad — but bought the Mac last year.

I have a brand new Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad that is misbehaving. It is moody about showing up in the Bluetooth menu. So there is absolutely nothing to hold down. I have a Matias Bluetooth keyboard from macsales. Additionally, it can connect to four devices at once and with the push of a button it disconnects from one and connects to the other. Whoops, I just found a link that explains you can pair the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad by plugging in the lightning cable to the keyboard usually used to recharge the keyboard and the USB side to the computer.

Tried it and it worked… So no holding down keys or holding down buttons for this new model, simply plug it in, it pairs and then you unplug it and it remains paired. Totally worked for me. Finally found your solution to pairing my bluetooth keyboard to MacBook Air. I had not been able to get it to work.

So simple but so happy it works! Sometimes I find that the keyboard is just not connected, even though it was before. I change the batteries but the problem persists. Following the above instructions did work, but after three tries. I think it just has to line up with the few seconds that the keyboard will stay on. I was having issues with connecting my wireless Apple Keyboard to a Macbook Pro. I read this guide and held down the power button on the keyboard throughout the entire process it worked!

I am using fresh rechargeable batteries and have not had any connection issues. Thanks, your solution worked for me. Holding down the power button as instructed seemed to do the trick. After this cut, the MacBook immediately found the keyboard. Used your material on finding, setting up and connecting a wireless keyboard. Everything was working fine, until I change the batteries in the keyboard. Then Windows lost the pairing and could not reconnect — the KB simply would not appear.

No amount of rebooting, re-connecting would work, with or without holding down the power button on the KB. After rebooting, it was fine. So I went back into Bluetooth pairing. Windows recognised the device and paired with it. Apple wireless keyboard Stopped working for no apparent reason. On my own, turning keyboard off, deleting it from the list of bluetooth devices, turning it back on did not work. Mac recognized the keyboard but would not connect. Using the advice posted here, holding down the power button throughout the procedure, was a quick success.

I kept trying and it would ask for the passcode then spin and say fail. I held the on button as you stated and then finally it connected and showed the battery level, then I entered the code and it worked. I was going crazy for an hour. Then I tried the first thing you suggested which was to hold down the power button all the time while pressing connect bluetooth keyboard. Almost immediately the numbers came up and I was back in business!!! OMG thankyou yes it worked!!!

Well, guess what, it worked, but only after a few tries. You might mention that the light on the keyboard is supposed to blink when holding that button in, otherwise it has been inadvertently switched off instead of on!! I think that is what happened the first couple of times, anyway. Thank goodness for this!

I had been fretting for ages until I found this link. Was about to discard the wireless keyboard. But now working fine.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Does not work for my A keyboard wich I bought at craiglist. The keyboard is recognized by my macbook air, 6 digit keypass is seen and can be entered one by one when highlighted but when I press Enter to finish nothing happens failed connection with yellow triangle. The same result on 5 IOS devices ipad, 2 imacs, iphone 6. The batteries Duracell not rechargable are new and work on 3 other A keyboards bought together with the failed one without any tricks.

Spilt a glass of wine on the bluetooth keyboard. I sprayed it liberally with alcohol cleaner and replaced the batteries. Left it to drain on side away for batteries. Then did your repairing trick holding in power key. But I am happily typing from it right now. Still hyper sensitive, but now I can see it again, turning down the tracking speed has helped. New Macbook Air 1. Dude, you saved me another bugs! I disassembled mine, cleaned it after a battery leakage and then I thought I broke it during that, because I had connection issues all the time.

I wear my AppleWatch on the right hand and I am right handed too. Worked perfectly on my A BT keyboard. It just up and stopped working in the middle of a task, and after 30 minutes of damn near losing my mind over that random glitch, I found this page. I have a mac mini. It appears to be paires, because it wakes the mini. But no keys will type the passwors, so i cannit get to the menu bar to reset anything, or re- pair.

Dave, Thank you, your solution worked. I had to try a couple of times, holding down the power button all the time, and I push some of the keyboard keys too while in the connecting mode. In the end, it worked. OMG you are a life saver!!!!! My keyboard randomly quit working and none of the normal resets worked. Thanks very much for this. Your tip of continually holding down the power button allowed my Trackpad to reconnect after many attempts with other methods failed and were driving me crazy.

I have an older Mac mini OS I held the keyboard power button continuously as I awakened my mini from sleep mode. The keyboard was discoverable and paired immediately. Hi Dave, Many thanks for very useful instruction! Had been struggling with the wireless keyboard for a while when I found your perfect guidance! And now it works again. Thank you so very much!! You could try turning the keyboard off, then on again, to see if that prompts it to connect.

Is so, delete the pairing on that device or that might prevent the iMac from seeing the keyboard. It worked the treat for me! Thank you, Dave, for starting this article and keeping it going! As soon as I removed the magic keyboard from my old desktop computer iMac , it paired just fine with the new Macbook. Am unable to verify if the steps with holding power button down etc really helped here or if the unpairing of old device alone did the trick.

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It works, I followed the instructions on the Apple site which concluded I probably needed a new keyboard.. You saved my life.